The time for talk is over! SuperiorGirl confronts Galactica while investigating the disappearance of Wonderous Woman. It becomes clear that Galactica knows what happened to the Amazon! SuperiorGirl stands her ground with the giantess in a knock down drag out fight, but Galactica is unlike any foe she has ever encountered. SuperiorGirl is shocked by Galactica’s brute strength as she quickly realizes that Galactica is able to hurt her. SuperiorGirl takes down the giantess but only to watch her grow stronger and stronger with each turn. SuperiorGirl becomes desperate as her opponent becomes more than she can handle. Galactica knows she has the young blonde at her mercy but shows none. SuperiorGirl receives the beating of a lifetime and is sentenced to public sexual humiliation. SuperiorGirl fails to entertain the Inquisitor who order’s her cybernetic soldier to give the young heroine a taste of a familiar green substance!

Coming soon!